We help European startups expand to Japan. 

We bring Japanese talents to your company.

Benefit from their skills and strong B2B contacts.


German startups x JAPAN talents


Enter the Japanese market with the help of corporate talents who want to learn skills from you. 

Be paid for your training service. 

They are high-skill professionals with strong personal B2B networks.

Engage student talents to drive social media marketing in Japan.


Corporate TALENTS

We provide startups in Germany collaboration opportunities with corporate talents from Japan.

They are engineers, accountants, patent lawyers, marketers, procurers, and business developers. You are asked to provide them growth opportunity by giving them tasks and evaluating their performance. You are the "trainer". Get paid for your training hours. And if lucky, you will be awarded with B2B contacts to Japan.


Student TALENTS 

We also bring student interns from Japan to perform voluntary services at startups in Europe - from several weeks to up to one year. For German startups or mature companies to reach East Asia, it all starts with relationship building. These volunteers will help you create your first link to an Asian market that is closest to the European market. We will appreciate your help in making them grow as interns at your company. In return, we will provide you with a collaboration opportunity with a corporate talent from Japan, see above. 

We bring you there !                                                         

EUropean Startups to Japan 


The Japanese market is still large, and it is close to high-growth markets such as China, Vietnam and Indonesia. The Asian markets can hardly be navigated by a Eurocentric approach. However,  Japan is the market that is the closest to European markets in terms of business culture and user expectations. And yet you learn a lot about Asia in Japan. We therefore advice European startups to expand to Japan first on their journey to Asia. We serve as partner to European startups that use the Japanese market as a test case and gateway to other larger Asian markets.


WE Accompany you there!   

Tours for investors, accelerators, corporates, universities through Japan

Together with our partners in Japan, bistream designs and organizes delegation tours for private, corporate or academic clients from Europe to explore Japan and meet the Japanese counterparts for an engaging dialogue.  

We enlarge your network!     

European startups x Asian investors  

We bring European entrepreneurs and investors/entrepreneurs from East Asia together through a unique and exclusive event format.

Bistream Venture Summit